As the Squeegee King of New York, Greg Washington had a lot of responsibilities. He's washed countless cars in his day, and he's not afraid to use a little muscle when drivers don't pay. Unfortunately, squeegeeing is not looked kindly upon by the city, nor is busting stranger's cars, so last night, Washington was arrested. For the 186th time.

"He's the No. 1 guy in New York City," said Patrick Heraghty, the cop who arrested the Squeegee King in Murray Hill yesterday morning. "He goes up [to cars] and squeegees ... and when he doesn't get paid, he breaks the windshield wiper or assaults the driver." Over half of Washington's astounding 186 arrests have been for cleaning windshields and then demanding cash. He was booked yesterday for aggressive solicitation and unlawful car washing, as usual.

Last month, Mayor Bloomberg, panicked by the re-emergence of roving gangs of squeegee men, vowed to keep the city safe from their unwanted sponges. However, it's only a matter of time until disenfranchised squeegee men head down to Zuccotti Park to fight for their rights.