In the latest Facebook musing from alleged spy Anna Chapman, she denies a Page Six story that claims she's trying to sell her story for $250,000 and wants the money sent to a Swiss bank account. Chapman writes, "This is an absolute lie."

Previously, her lawyer told Newsweek that Chapman might consider talking for bucks, "She felt that the only source of income that she might have was based on her story... Remember, according to the provision, there is no prohibition against her talking. That would have been illegal. She just can't make money from it, or else the government will go after that money," pointing out that it's hard for the feds to enforce the provision with Chapman overseas. A source told Page Six, "She hopes this translates into a book deal and movie rights, but how she is paid will have to be carefully controlled. The money cannot come directly to her, so she has suggested it goes to a friend's Swiss account."

However, Chapman did not comment on a porn company's offer for her to star in a film.