The Post noticed how accused Russian spy Anna Chapman—the NYC party girl whose fetching and topless photos have made her a little more infamous than her peers—is back on Facebook. Chapman's status was updated, on July 9, to read, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... (Charles Dickens)" Aww, kind of sucks to know that calling your dad after a suspicious interaction with an undercover FBI agent helped accelerate one's arrest and shipment back to Russia. But she could be getting literary for a reason—Chapman wants to sell her story!

There are a few other posts on her Facebook wall in Cyrillic, but one Florida man wrote on Chapman's wall, "A beautiful Russian spy, Anna Chapman, just accepted my friend request. If you don't hear from me for a while, I've been traded for a prisoner. Send some vodka to Moscow marked 'From America With Love'... None of that cheap stuff either. I don't wanna be Vladimir's boy-toy. K thanx"

And a few days ago, David Cornwell, aka the spy novelist John le Carré, wrote in the Guardian, "Once upon a time spies had motives. There was capitalism and there was communism. You could choose. And all right, there was the money and the sex and the blackmail, and needing to get your own back on your superiors by betraying them when you'd been passed over for promotion, and there was the God-feeling, and playing the world's game, and the whole familiar repertoire of noble and grubby motives, but in the end you either spied for a cause or against it." But he doesn't understand what these recent spies' motives were, "What was there to choose between Mother Russia and Mother America, two huge continents out of control drowning together in the oily waters of capitalism?"