laist_roadclosed.jpgToday and tonight should be the last of our messy rain/snow/sleet days for a while. Gothamist hopes everyone gets to enjoy the near record warmth on Thursday as we are in for a stretch of real winter temperatures beginning on Saturday. Expect a week or two of high temperatures in the 20s and 30s with lows in the 10s. That's colder than we've been used to, but it's not as cold as last winter, and nowhere near as cold as, say, Fairbanks.

The dip in the jet stream that has brought so much rain to California is starting to rotate eastward. That's good news for our LAist, where Gothamist found the boulder photo, and SFist friends as their rain will stop. Not so good for our Chicagoist and Torontoist buddies. The jet stream shift will let lots of Arctic air to sink southward. Gothamist and DCist are far enough east, and near the coast, to escape the worst of the cold weather. Londonist is way further east and doesn't look to be affected by these changes.