2006_03_thurs_sfc.jpgMeh. We're about to enter a stretch of meh weather. An upper-level disturbance tonight and a warm front that will stall out as a stationary front over the weekend will usher in several days of warmer, yet off-and-on drizzlyrainyfoggycloudy weather. Warm fronts are typically weak. The storm driving this one is far away in the Ohio Valley. That adds up to a front that can't do much of anything. Until a bigger storm comes along the front is going to meander north and south for a few days.

Today, with a high around 45, may be our last cool day for a while. Temperatures should reach into the 60s on Friday before bouncing around in the 50s as the stationary front hangs around early next week. It hasn't been in the 60s since Groundhog Day! Winds off the ocean will keep temperatures down closer to the shore.

If that is too meh and not enough warm for you head down to Washington this weekend. Well behind the front they will be a good 10-15 degrees warmer than New York. The promise of 70-degree weather has DCist virtually salivating.

Thursday evening surface weather map from intellicast.com