Last night's rain has turned into this morning's fog. At the risk of using the most misleading meteorological metaphor, the fog should soon "burn off". Fog is water, it doesn't burn! Once the fog does dissipate we'll have a mostly sunny and warm afternoon with a high in the lower 70s.

The weekend weather is looking unsettled. A slow-moving warm front tonight, plus a slow-moving cold front late Saturday night add up to a couple of days where rain is not out of the question. The first front is weak, and would not be much of a rainmaker if the humidity were lower. With the air near saturation, however, it will not take much of a front to set off rain or showers from late tonight until tomorrow afternoon. Look for a seasonable high in the lower 70s.

Saturday night's cold front is a more vigorous beast. The best chance of rain will be from midnight Saturday through noonish Sunday. Cold air will arrive following the frontal passage. Sunday's high depends on the front's timing but the forecasts range from upper 50s to mid 60s. The high pressure system behind that front appears to be large enough to bring fair skies all of next week.