Photo by Eric Wald

Did you hear about the new transfer at Bleecker Street that the MTA is working on? By 2012, the new station complex will make it easier to transfer from the B/D/F/M to the 6 line—it's going to be "very hip" according to this sign they put up announcing it. But as many, many of our readers have noticed, the agency managed to misspell "Bleeker" Street in their signage. The MTA has been known to let typos get through in the past , and at least this one wasn't set in tile, and at least the MTA is working on something to make commuting easier for us... but c'mon, Bleecker Street is a pretty historic street you guys!

We've reached out to the MTA for comment, and Aaron Donovan tells us, “We are aware of the error and we’re removing the incorrectly spelled signs.”