People, it's really, really coming: Citi Bike, NYC's new bike share program, is scheduled to go live on Memorial Day, May 27 and a bicycle was spotted in Greenwich Village, at the 6th Avenue and Washington Place station.

It looks like a crew was getting the bicycle ready—and this might be one of the only in-situ outside of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where Citi Bike is already being used by Brooklyn Navy Yard employees (the bikes must stay there).

Thousands of memberships have been sold—5,000 were sold in the first two days of availability—and nearly 300 stations are set up, mostly in Manhattan below 62nd Street and downtown Brooklyn. Pricing ranges from a 24-Hour Pass at 9.95 (plus tax) and a 7-Day Pass at $25 (plus tax) to a $95 (plus tax) Annual membership, with overtime charges for longer rides.

While D.C. residents say that the haters have come to love their bike share program, some New Yorkers are saying things like, "There are thousands of New York City taxpayers who dedicate several hours a week already to finding parking, and in West Village, we in the last 5 years, we've probably already lost 25 to 50 percent of our parking."