Here's another strange tip from a reader, albeit one that doesn't surprise us all that much: "Yesterday evening at 6:02 p.m., a police horse was first heard and then spotted galloping westbound in the 300 block of West 49th St. The large horse had no rider and the saddle apparatus was hanging to one side."

The tipster continues: "One of NYC's finest chased the equine beast in a police car with lights on and siren blaring. Many bystanders and residents noticed the situation with alarm. Many cried out as the horse headed right into the busy evening traffic of 9th Avenue. The horse was calmed down and detained in the 400 block of West 49th Street. An officer on the scene reported no one was hurt."

Via Gothamist reader

The Post has more details:

The Wild West Side show started at around 6 p.m. just after the mounted officer pulled to the side of the street to let a little girl pet his steed about a half-block north of West 42nd Street.

He pulled back into the avenue, but at West 44th Street, the horse, apparently spooked by a garbage truck behind it, bolted and the officer lost his balance.

He tried but failed to to hold on.

The horse hoofed it north on Sixth Avenue before turning west onto 49th Street, leaving gouges in the pavement. It kept galloping west to 10th Avenue before cops corralled it.

A hot dog vendor told the tabloid, "It was a very, very nervous black horse. I saw a woman jump out of the way of the horse. I ran to a pay phone and called 911." But a police officer told the Post it wasn't that unusual.