2007_11_spitzerlicense.jpgGovernor Spitzer's revised plan to offer driver's licenses to all New York State residents - including illegal immigrants - is still not a hit with constituents. NY1
conducted a poll which found 55% of voters are opposed to the "three-tier plan" Spitzer revealed last week.

Spitzer's original plan, which would have given illegal immigrants broad access to a regular driver's license, was hailed by immigrants' rights advocates and damned by county clerks and figures such as Lou Dobbs. The governor scrambled and developed a Department of Homeland Security-endorsed three-tiered plan would include the Department of Homeland Security's Real ID, an enhanced driver's license (good for travel across the Canadian border), and a limited license for illegal immigrants. This plan drew the ire of immigrants' right advocates, the NYCLU, and even Mayor Bloomberg - and didn't help concerns of state Republicans either.

NY1's pollster Mickey Blum says, "The voters do not express negative attitudes toward the immigrants in their communities, so the opposition is more likely due to a fear that the plan would make the state and the country less secure...There's some question in the minds of voters as to whether or not granting drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants could allow for some kind of misuse and something that would in some way endanger."