For everyone who wants to combine the pleasures of wearing t-shirts and tweaking fun at Governor Spitzer's troubles, there's no shortage of options. There's a variety of options on CafePress - do a search for "Eliot Spitzer," you get "Spitzer is Just Impeachy," while a search for "Client 9" brings up many more possibilities.

Zazzle also has a number of t-shirts, like a distressed "Client 9" with lipstick kiss. Busted Tees has a black Client 9/Emperors Club VIP shirt - apparently other ideas were "Governor Erect," "Free Love Gov," and "Tapped That Ass." Hmm - will members of the State GOP stock up on these shirts in time for Spitzer's expected resignation?

2008_03_nocli9.jpgOn the technology side, domain names associated with the scandal have been snatched up. Wired reports that Manhattan software engineer Nick Galbreath bought Client9.com even before knowing that Spitzer was Client 0, "I thought [Client9.com] sounded catchy, so I bought it." He is not a registered Democrat or Republican, but told the Washington Post the Republican are welcome to it if "they can make me an offer."

Other domains purchased by netizens: client-9.net, client-9.com, and client69.com. Room871.com can be yours for $750, but here are some less specific but still potentially relevant domain names that are available (so far): exgovernorspitzer.com, spitzerisstupid.com, and spitzerisclient9.com.

But the product we'd like to see is an actual Client No. 9 perfume, as imagined by reader Jose who sent in this awesome entry when we asked for Spitzer Photoshop ideas. If Bond No. 9 can make a Coney Island scent that smells like "a combination of Margarita mix, tequila, chocolate, caramel, cedarwood and cinnamon" or scents around Andy Warhol's mystique, why not Client No. 9, with a bouquet of "bad decision making, privileged upbringing (Horace Mann, Princeton, Harvard Law), sanctimony, DC hotel, and fresh steamrolled pavement."