2007_09_nystate-troopers.jpgGovernor Spitzer's communications director Darren Dopp has come full circle. The aide, criticized for trying to dig up dirt on Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno by way of the State Police's records on Bruno's travel, had originally said he'd comply with the investigation and offer up his e-mail correspondence. But, after being served with a subpoena from the Ethics Commission, Dopp's lawyer Terrence Kindlon said his client would fight it. Now, Kindlon tells the press, "I could not insist that he resist the subpoena."

In fact, Kindlon is taking the blame for the lumps Dopp received for refusing to comply with the subpoena, saying Dopp "feels that I am being overly cautious as a lawyer and he has directed me to refrain from seeking to quash the subpoena, so we are in the process right now of assembling the documents that have been requested and they will be delivered on schedule.” Spitzer aide Richard Baum is also expected to turn over all e-mails requested.

However, Kindlon also says that the whole Troopergate scandal was cooked up by our favorite GOP political operative with a Nixon tattoo and a possible penchant for leaving an insane message for Spitzer's dad, Roger Stone (who might make the best, backhanded apologies ever)! Stone denied the accusation to the NY Sun, saying, "I'm good, but I'm not that good."