Those horrible coins, touting to be "mined" from silver found at Ground Zero, will hopefully be no more as NY State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has obtained a court order suspending their sale. Thank goodness - these coins make us ill when we see those ads on TV. Calling them a "shameless attempt to profit from a national tragedy," Spitzer says the coins are a scam (Was it really silver mined from a vault from Ground Zero? How did they get the silver? Aren't these just silver-plated?) and an investigation is underway. National Collectors Mint says they stand by their product and claim they have donated over $1.5 million to September 11 charities.

Spitzer will be looking for restitution for consumers (suckers that they are) as well as to permanently stop the sale of coins. The Attorney General's office says consumers can file a complaint by going to their website or calling 800-771-7755. And our sharp readers suggested to others outraged by the coins could write to the manufacturer, as well as wondered if Spitzer could investigate the matter.