As expected, Attorney General and gubernatorial front runner Eliot Spitzer withdrew his support of State Comptroller Alan Hevesi. Spitzer acknowledged the State Ethics Commission's findings about Hevesi's use of a state driver to chauffeur his wife, saying it did present "information that compromises Alan Hevesi’s ability to fulfill his responsibilities.” Additionally, Spitzer doesn't think Hevesi should continue as comptroller, even if he is re-elected! But it doesn't mean that Spitzer is endorsing Republican Chris Callaghan.

The NY Times got a copy of the 2003 threat assessment made by the state police about Carol Hevesi's security:

“It is the determination of the executive service detail that Carol L. Hevesi should be classified as a low-threat risk. This determination is based on the fact that there have not been any specific threats made against Mrs. Hevesi.

“This determination, however, does take into consideration that Mrs. Hevesi’s husband has been and continues to be the target of numerous threats and, to that extent, a threat risk is indicated.”

Well, the fact that the wife's driver wasn't even a police officer still makes Hevesi's threat excuse questionable.

And a new poll shows that Hevesi's once 40-point lead is down to 12 points - and we would guess it may fall even more as election day approaches. Interestingly, the Marist poll found that voters would rather be able to decide on Hevesi' fate at the polls, versus having Governor Pataki remove him. If the State Senate does end up removing him - and then Hevesi resigns - the Legislature will be able to choose a successor. Should be a very interesting few weeks.