Former governor Eliot Spitzer is really working on the next chapter of his life. When not pundit-ing on talk shows, being discussed as a 2010 candidate, or teaching at City College, he's working at the family biz, his dad's multi-million dollar real estate empire. Now it's been confirmed that Steamroller himself oversaw a pricey Manhattan real estate transaction.

According to the Observer, "Last week, Mr. Spitzer sold a parking garage underneath The Corinthian condomium built by his dad Bernie in 1987. The price: $10.275 million, an apparently handsome deal for the governor-turned-real estate mogul." The buyer, Alliance Parking's Gregg Ruben, raved that Spitzer was "a total gentleman... He’s a very bright guy."—ahem—"And I was impressed with the organization's level of professionalism."

Apparently $10+ million is a fair price for the midtown garage space, which has 186 spaces and 89 personal storage units for the Corinthian's residents. Ruben explained, "You have 863 apartment units above you; 80,000 square feet of medical office space above you. And, you’re in close proximity to the Midtown Tunnel as well as NYU Hospital. It’s a strong area, and it’s well positioned to grow."