2008_09_spitzerhead.jpgThe NY Times checked in on former governor Eliot Spitzer six months after his resignation from office. Though remorseful about what he's put his family through, he's still got some spark. Apparently an August Times article, featuring his successor David Paterson's critical thoughts on Spitzer's reign, prompted him to call a Paterson aide and demand a public apology, allegedly "issu[ing] threats, veiled and unveiled." Spitzer is working for his father's real estate business; when recently asked him how he was doing and he responded "with resignation and a degree of joylessness: 'Making money is making money.'" (A friend said, "I think that he’ll sort of be in a holding pattern... while the legal stuff gets sorted out. It may take years for it to get fully sorted out.”) Spitzer also said, "I've made my sins and I've paid for them."