2006_07_nysdebate.jpgLast night, the two Democrats interesting in becoming the next Governor of NY State had their only debate. Underdog Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, the expected winner during this fall's general election, actually had a pretty lively discussion. Here are some notable things:

- On Con Ed during the Queens blackout: Spitzer was "stunned" Bloomberg supported Con Ed CEO Kevin Burke while Suozzi said he wouldn't second guess Mayor B
- On gay marriage: Spitzer totally supports it, while Suozzi supports it though as a Catholic, he believes marriage is between a man and a woman
- On NYC public school funding that NY State owes: Spitzer said he would spend $4-6 billion, while Suozzi said $2.5 billion (it seems Spitzer had a better handle on the numbers, according to the NY Times)
- On whether private schools are better than public schools: Spitzer said yes (he has three kids in private) while Suozzi said no
- On iPods: Spitzer has one, Suozzi doesn't
- On pot: Both have smoked it
- On grocery stores: Spitzer had shopped at one recently, Suozzi hadn't
- On being President: Spitzer doesn't want to be, while Suozzi does (to which Spitzer cracked, "Good luck")

There was also a supposed freak-out by Spitzer when he saw that Suozzi was going to bring notes on stage during the debate. Notes are not allowed, and Suozzi told reporters that Spitzer got "angrier and angrier and angrier" and accused him of "playing games," but let's face it, if notes weren't even allowed...

The Democratic primary is on September 12. Spitzer is leading Suozzi, 78% to 9%, but it doesn't hurt to know about both candidates, so here are their websites: Spitzer 2006, Suozzi for Governor.