For the past five weeks, New Yorkers have seen the NYC Comptroller race go from sleepy to steamrollery with the entrance of former governor Eliot Spitzer into the Democratic field against the lone Dem, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. Tonight, Spitzer and Stringer will face off in the official NYC Campaign Finance Board debate at 7 pm. But first, this is what a comptroller does.

The debate will be broadcast on TV (tune into NY1/NY1 Noticias), on the radio (listen to WNYC) and streamed online (Gothamist will have an embed). Or head to one of the CFB's watch parties (see the column at far right). We'll also be liveblogging! Here are the top ten questions that were submitted:

1) "Checkbook NYC is great step towards transparency of public funds but money paid to sub-contractors is largely self-reported by prime contractors. How will you ensure accuracy in use of government funds going to pay smaller sub-contractors?"

2) "Do you support paid sick leave for all NYC businesses?"

3) "What are the biggest areas of waste and corruption in NYC government, and how would you fix them?"

4) "How will you modify the contracting process to avoid another CityTime situation from unfolding?"

5) "How would you improve performance and oversight for city pension funds?"

6) "What are other sources of revenue the city has not yet pursued you would propose?"

7) "Are there any fiscal checks and balances not currently in place you would propose implementing?"

8) "How will you increase transparency and good government policies as comptroller?"

9) "How will you diversify the city pension fund investments?"

10) "Do you feel that hedge funds are an appropriate investment for city pension funds?"

Stringer and Spitzer were attacking each other last week—let's see if they continue to get nasty.