Former governor Eliot Spitzer has spoken up about the Republicans-plus-two Democrats' coup of the State Senate. And he says it's actually a good thing in his Slate column, pointing out, "The governor, speaker of the Assembly, and Senate majority leader had almost unilateral power to act and bind their branches" and could make deals in secret. Whereas amid the mess, the Republican Senators did pass some reform measures. Spitzer ends with, "We should not forget that democracy is often an ugly process. The sterile decision-making that was criticized when it was behind closed doors has been replaced for the moment by the crass and ugly sausage-making that is legislative process. Out of this mess may come a legislative branch where legislators actually begin to voice differing views, argue on substantive matters, and finally bring into the open the discussion of issues that should be occurring in public." Is the mention of democracy being ugly a reference to his Troopergate involvement?