Yesterday, a flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida from LaGuardia Airport was delayed after an incident with a passenger. It was initially reported that the 30-year-old male had refused to turn off his cellphone, but now it turns out that the cellphone was only part of the problem: He alleged said on the phone, "I’m gonna blow up the plane!"

Why was Samuel Aristil so mad? According to the Post, "another passenger overheard him loudly griping to his girlfriend on his cellphone about the fees." That passenger told authorities, who removed the Harlem church choir director.

According to the Post's sources, Aristil claims he actually posed the volatile statement as a question: "What do they think? I’m gonna blow up this plane?" Calling Gaylord Focker:

His bags were checked again by TSA screeners, and they had no traces of bombs. (The other passengers also had to disembark the plane and have their bags rechecked before finally departing for Fort Lauderdale.) At any rate, Aristil was charged with charged with filing a false report and making a terroristic threat.