, another spin class lawsuit! Attorney Clyde Eisman is suing Bally's Total Fitness to get a refund on his $1,500 membership fee; his lawsuit accuses the gym of letting a "small coterie of members" dominate the consistently overbooked spin classes.

Eisman joined the gym in 2007 specifically for the stationary bike sessions, but he found it nearly impossible to get a bike seat. So one day he showed up early and put his towel on a bike to reserve it for the next class. But did he really think Bally's spin class mafia would just roll over?

Eisman's suit contends that as the class started, "a large, heavyset female placed her body over" Eisman to get him off the bike. He tells the Post, "It was embarrassing"—so embarrassing, apparently, that he waited two years to file the lawsuit. The Post believes the unidentified female "sat" on Eisman, but the allegations are still a little vague. Hopefully more details will emerge soon, because the last spin class clash was so much fun, and even involved one of those foam neck collars.