Actor Bobby Spillane, who fell to his death from the window of his sixth-floor apartment last weekend, reportedly owed money to at least two people at the time of his death. Bobby, the son of notorious Hell's Kitchen gangster Mickey Spillane, had allegedly been leaning on his window (he had recently had shoulder surgery) and calling out to his brother on the street when the window screen gave way. His sister-in-law told the Pioneer Press, "It was 100 percent an accident."

Police are waiting on autopsy results from the ME, but have not ruled out foul play or suicide. The initial police report said Spillane had jumped to his death. He had previously suffered from depression and substance abuse, but police found no suicide note at the scene. Over 200 were in attendance at a wake held for the late actor yesterday, and his twin brother said that though his fall was traumatizing, he was glad he could be there for Bobby's final moments. "I wouldn't have had it any other way—I wanted to be with him if he had to pass away."