Aw, the ASPCA gave the Daily News a new picture of Spike, the 11-month-old English bulldog that was beaten by his owner, and he looks a bit better! The News says almost 100 readers are interested in adopting the pup, whose injuries include a hip fracture, a broken leg, three broken teeth, injuries to his ears and virtual blindness in his right eye.

The ASPCA's Joseph Pentangelo says that while the outpouring of love for Spike is great (the ASPCA has received many offers to take him), he's still recovering, "There are other pets in shelters in dire need of homes. People wanting to help should consider adoption." Indeed—check out the great dogs and cats available at the ASPCA (this week's pets are Homer the dog and Brooklyn the cat).

As for Spike's alleged abuser, Maria Aguilar faces charges of animal cruelty and possession of a weapon. A neighbor witnessed Aguilar using a shovel to beat Spike and took video. NBC New York's Tim Minton spoke to the neighbor (video) who said he yelled at Aguilar to stop.