First, Marcus Higgins made a mistake, then Spike Lee made a mistake, and now an elderly couple is living in the shadow of George Zimmerman haters. Last week, Higgins found an address for George W. Zimmerman. Thinking it was the Zimmerman who fatally shot Trayvon Martin, he tweeted it to tons of celebrities—and Lee was the only one to retweet the address. Except the address was for the wrong Zimmerman, and the only people living at that home now are his elderly parents, Elaine and David McClaine. After nearly a week of death threats, Lee has finally apologized for the mixup: "I Deeply Apologize To The McClain Family For Retweeting Their Address.It Was A Mistake.Please Leave The McClain's In Peace.Justice In Court."

Except that may not be enough: the couple told CNN they want a more personal apology and a retraction. "We would like him to apologize directly to us," David McClain said. We're not sure what a Twitter retraction might possibly look like, but the couple claims they have been living out of a hotel for fear of their lives.

And Reuters points out they may have enough for a lawsuit against Lee: "The director doesn't seem to have checked the tweet for accuracy and instead chose to recklessly retweet the content to 250,000 people. He likely knew people would do illegal things with that address."