It's come to this: Mayor Bloomberg has gone crawling to the vigilante freak called "Spider-Man" for help solving the city's unemployment crisis. In an eight-page comic given out with the Daily News today, Spidey spreads the word about the city's Workforce 1, a free service "which helps New Yorkers find jobs, gain additional training opportunities, and develop their careers." (You can also find bedbugs at one of their locations!) Of course, Spider-Man's participation is just a tad ironic, since the NYPD infamously cracked down on Superman and Batman for trying to make a living in this town.

An animated PSA on the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment site also reveals how Peter Parker first got his job as a lab assistant with a little help from the city. Then he was bitten by a radioactive spider, which just goes to show you how unrealistic Marvel's comic books are, because if that happened in the real world, Parker would totally sue the city for millions and finally moved out of his Aunt's house. Instead, he turned into a violent, scofflaw vigilante with his own Broadway show.