There's a wacky exclusive in the Post today about the only sperm bank in NYC with Scandinavian sperm running out of its specialty. Seriously.

Two years ago, the FDA banned sperm from some countries over concerns that Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which can be found in mad cow cells, could be passed on via sperm. The Post reports that Cryos International's Financial District branch "has run out of offerings from such prized blond Norsemen as 'Oluf,' 'Dagh,' 'Finn,' 'Ingi,' 'Jorn' and 'Ante.'" It's true - check out names of some sample donors here.

One Upper West Side couple, who has a daughter by the Danish donor "Dane" and is looking to have another, was shocked by the ban.

The parents, both 41, purchased Dane's donation before it ran out. They have enough left to try another artificial insemination, but if that doesn't work they won't be able to give their 8-month-old daughter a full sibling. "It's really stunning because I did want the same father for my daughter," said the mother, whose husband was left sterile by a childhood disease.

The couple chose Cryos because they wanted a child who resembled them.

Some doctors believe the ban on foreign sperm is unnecessary, since the risk of contracting Creutzfeldt-Jakob may be negligible. At any rate, the Post definitely had fun with this article. For instance: "Couples who once hoped to purchase samples from square-jawed, strapping Norsemen living in Lillehammer will have to settle for locksmiths, bartenders and struggling writers from less exotic locales, such as Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, Rego Park, Queens, and Hackensack, N.J. "

But who knew there were only six sperm banks in NYC?