2008_08_mega.jpgWhile doorman turned million-dollar lottery winner Richie Randazzo has become a bit despicable to some, there's one person who really hates him. Or at least Randazzo's dumb luck: Building superintendent Ray Otero, who worked across the street from Randazzo, tells the NY Times he spent $30,000 last year on the lottery, which clearly means he should have won the big payday, not Randazzo who spent in the two-digits on tickets per week. Otero, who spends hundreds on lottery tickets each week, said, “When I heard he won, I got so mad — I said to myself, ‘I can’t believe it.' I spend all that money and the [unprintable fellow] wins? It’s wrong. I mean, I’m happy for him. But it really isn’t fair.” Related: Here's the Wiki entry on Gamblers Anonymous.