No, this isn't our attempt to write a letter on behalf of a city school, it's an actual letter, rife with misspellings and mistakes, sent by a Staten Island teacher to students. A Health Academy dean at Markham Intermediate, Michael Levy, sent off a furious letter after a few eighth graders engaged in a food fight. Of course, little did he know that the letter would make him a laughingstock. From the Staten Island Advance:

"When we first received the letter, we started reading it. Then I'm, like, 'Wait! This doesn't sound right,'" said one eighth-grade student, who did not want to be identified for fear of retribution. "You're supposed to be a dean helping us out with our stuff? That doesn't make any sense!"

She added that "even some of the teachers were laughing."

... A Staten Island educator who was asked to grade the letter found eight spelling errors among the many mistakes -- and said she would give a student an "F" for submitting similar work.

"Is this the work of someone who has two degrees -- a bachelor's and a master's?" she asked. "I mean, let's be real."

You can see the whole letter here and we suspect that we have Levy's wack spellcheck program. Levy was supposed to get Principal Emma Della Rocca's approval before sending the letter, but she never saw it. The school is currently investigating Levy's conduct; in the letter, he also threatens to hold the entire class responsible for food fights, but Della Rocca now says the few involved will be disciplined.

Parents are split on Levy: One father tells the Daily News that he's worried about the rowdiness of students as a mother says "We all make mistakes." But another father wants Levy fired, "We are for zero tolerance when kids make a mistake. What is good for the goose is good for the gander."