fedex.jpgNew York City police commissioner Ray Kelly took a shot at the three men who hijacked a FedEx truck while posing as police by calling the case not so much an incident of police impersonation, as "criminal impersonation." The freight truck was found just hours after it was stolen with all of its contents intact. The robbers could not manage to open the locked containers in the trailer and just abandoned it in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The truck was boosted Thursday night on 47th St. and 11th Ave. when an SUV pulled in front of it and halted. The FedEx driver was forced into the car at gunpoint and driven around for a while before being dropped off in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at 1:30 am.

As they drove FedEx driver Robert McGary around, one of the robbers asked him how effective the flashing of his fake badge had been. "Did that badge fool you? I paid a couple of hundred for that badge. Did that fool you?" The Daily News includes a great detail about the botched robbery. When dropping off the driver early Friday morning, the thieves gave the man $60. That's the holiday spirit! So combining the gas money they spent driving McGary around for a few hours, the tip, and the fact that they couldn't actually steal anything, the hijacking probably cost the would-be robbers about $75--possibly much more if one wants to count the alleged hundreds that were paid for fake badges.

FedEx says that it is working as quickly as possible to make sure that all the packages in the waylaid truck make it to their intended destinations in time for Christmas.