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What we think about taxis in the city is true: The NY Post reveals that taxi speeds are 30 to 40 miles per hour higher than the speed limit. Cabs near schools, parks and hospitals were observed at speeds near 50mph (over the pedestrian city speed limit of 30 mph). John Kaehny, executive director of watchdog group Transportation Alternatives, tells the Post, "Cabs set the pace on the streets. Yet the Taxi and Limousine Commission, as far as we know, is doing nothing about speeding cabs." Recently, a cab jumped a curb and hit and killed a doorman on the Upper East Side; Manhattan, with its congested streets and high level of pedestrian traffic, had the highest number of cab crashes of all boroughs.

Gothamist's advice to taxi riders: Really do try and buckle up. We know someone who was badly banged up after slamming into the plastic divider after the cab was rear ended.