2006_10_fordexplorer.jpgA Ford Explorer filled with eight people crashed and flipped over early Sunday morning. One of the passengers, 15 year old Rosemary Tavares, was partially ejected and crushed by the SUV. Police believe 22 year old Martin Ramirez was driving at a speed of at least 68 MPH - well over the 30 MPH speed limit for the area. Ramirez lost control when trying to make a left turn off Amsterdam Avenue onto West 148th Street in Manhattan (and the weight of the passengers didn't help) and hit three parked cars before overturning.

The Post reports that Tavares, who not wearing a seatbelt, called her boyfriend during the car ride, saying, "This guy is driving so crazy. He almost crashed!" The other passengers' injuries ranged from cuts to broken bones The Times notes that one boy was sitting in the cargo section and a girl was sitting on someone's lap.

Ramirez passed a Breathalyzer; he was given three summonses for speeding, driving an overcrowded car (the Explorer holds five), and not wearing a seatbelt.