Speed cameras are coming to school zones—but crafty speeders thinking they can learn to evade the traps will be chagrined to know that they'll be installed on a rotating basis, with as many as 20 cameras set up at various locations throughout the city's 100 most dangerous school zones.

Thanks to a bill passed on Saturday, schools will instate a five-year pilot program at select spots around the city. “Children leaving school, no matter how many times you tell them to be careful, still run across the street without looking,” said Assemblyman Joseph Lento, D-North Brooklyn, who sponsored the bill. “There is no way to have enough police officers at all school zones to enforce the speed limit and protect our children, so this program will help to supplement the police force.”

According to Mayor Bloomberg, traffic fatalities are at an all time low, having fallen by more than 30 percent in the last decade.

"If a driver strikes a child at 40 miles per hour, there is a 70 percent chance the child will be killed. At 30 miles per hour, there is an 80 percent chance the child survives," the mayor said in a statement. "Decreasing the number of drivers who speed is a proven life-saving measure—and this legislation, which will place speed cameras at 20 key locations throughout our city, will ensure that we continue to protect some of our most vulnerable New Yorkers."

According to the Daily News, the speed cameras will be added to the 150 others in NYC that document drivers who blow red lights. And they can be anywhere. "Any school where there’s excessive speeding will be fair game,” Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan told the tabloid. “One of the deterrents is that people don’t necessarily know where they are.”