2006_03_minivandl.jpgThe Falls' bouncer, Darryl Littlejohn, continues to be the center of the police investigation of Imette St. Guillen's murder. In fact, the Daily News says that police consider him their "only suspect." Littlejohn is being held at Rikers Island, but not for anything related to the St. Guillen murder (he's just person a interest, still not arrested or charged) - he's there for violating his parole, as his past crimes have given him a 9PM-7AM curfew where he may not be on the streets. Since a parole hearing would take up to 90 days, the police and ME's office probably have enough time to investigate all the evidence, including the Littlejohn's minivan, as well as clothing including white socks from his home (St. Guillen was found with a white sock in her mouth). Neighbors are describing him as being intimidating, one neighbor recounting, "He said, 'I'm bipolar. Sometimes, something that happened yesterday, I won't remember.'"

The Daily News looks at all the circumstantial evidence/clues around Littlejohn in the case, but plays its trump card by having the reporter Veronika Belenkaya, who Littlejohn spoke to before being questioned, write her account:

I was shocked to learn later that evening he being questioned in the murder of St. Guillen, who is less than a year older than me.

Like her, I have gone out to bars like The Falls. Like her, I have parted ways with my friends and kept bar-hopping into the wee hours by myself.

And maybe, like her, I trusted Littlejohn - and it's possible he betrayed both our trust.

Only I'm here to write about it.

Now police are wondering if Littlejohn was involved in a string of Queens and Long Island rapes (his past crimes do not include sex crimes). There is also question as to how Littlejohn "slipped through the cracks" in the parole system. And the State Liquor Authority may remove The Falls' liquor license, since they may have violated the law by hiring an ex-con without special permission.

The Boston Herald has extensive coverage of the murder as well. Some friends of St. Guillen have put together a website with information about the case as well as what people can do to help: JusticeForImette.com. And St. Guillen's mother recounted their last day together and asks again that the man who called 911 step forward.

Photograph from Newsday