If you live in Brooklyn or Queens and had a tough time refreshing your Instagram feed this morning, you weren't alone. A shadowy gang of rogue hackers have taken down The Mainframe, and if things aren't back online in 24 hours we're all going to wake up in the pink goo of our Matrix pods. Of course, Spectrum is claiming their fiber-optic network was hit with "vandalism," but we're sticking with our theory. There is no spoon! I know kung fu!

In a statement to New York Magazine's Select All, Spectrum explained that dastardly vandals were behind the widespread internet outages:

Vandalism of Charter’s fiber-optic network in Brooklyn early this morning has resulted in thousands of customers there losing service. Our repair crews have been working tirelessly I’m [sic] the past several hours to restore service as quickly as possible. We appreciate our customers’ patience as we do. We are also working with the NYPD on an investigation of this latest round of criminal destruction of our network.

Somehow, a group of intrepid digital heroes have managed to fire off distress signals from the black hole:

Hang in there, Netizens!