Perhaps you've noticed some people handing out fliers about an election on the corner or more random "Vote for..." mail lately and wondered what's going on, as it's not November - it's Februrary! It turns out that here are three State Assembly up for grabs, leading to a special election today. The elections are in the 59th (Brooklyn), 67th (Upper West Side), and 74th Districts (Midtown to Lower East Side). We were only reminded by a small postcard we found in the mailbox yesterday. We haven't come across too much information about the elections. For what it's worth, the NY Times endorsed Linda Rosenthal, Jerry Nadler's aide (Nadler left the Assembly seat for Stringer, now Stringer leaves it to Rosenthal). It also expects that the Democratic nominees for the other districts - Alan Maisel in the 59th District (Brooklyn) and Sylvia Friedman in the 74th District (Midtown to the Lower East Side) - to win. Um, okay! The Working Families Party Blog points out that Rosenthal and Friedman were endorsed by the WFP, so consider that. If anyone else has any more information, please post it in comments.

See if you live in one of these State Assembly Districts, and find out where you vote. And Gotham Gazette on the special election.