An 18-month investigation has ended in arrests for seven members of a Long Island drug ring that dealt the horse tranquilizer Ketamine. The network contained six men, two of whom—James V. Parrino and John T. DiPaola—were charged as major traffickers or "drug kingpins." The remaining four, along with a single female member of the crew were charged with selling or possessing the "makes you feel like you're dead" drug, also known as K or Special K, if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

During the surveillance period the group took a kilogram of Ketamine they got from a source in China for $4,000 and cut it down make $400,000 in street sales, reported the North County Gazette. “The 18-month investigation by this office, the DEA Task Force and the Suffolk County Police Department established this ring bought and sold multiple kilos of powdered Ketamine that they repackaged and relabeled for individual sale," said district attorney Thomas Spota.

Who knew Special K was so hot right now? Prosecutors said clubbers buy up the product (according to it produces a "mild dreamy" sensation at low dosages and "trippy" effects as well as the notorious K-hole when taken in bigger doses) as do body builders, who ingest it as part of a pump-up drug cocktail before competitions and as an aid to muscle recovery after hard work-outs. Use and possession of Ketamine is illegal in New York except by licensed veterinarians.