Yesterday police arrested a special education teacher for the Bronx School Of Science Inquiry and Investigation at M.S. 331, charging him with rape and sexual misconduct. Teacher Bill Agosto, 26, is charged with third degree rape and sexual misconduct for allegedly carrying on a year-long sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl, who was not a student at M.S. 331. Police sources tell the Daily News the relationship was consensual, and resulted in the girl getting pregnant. The affair allegedly began when he worked at a different school as a track coach.

Department of Education officials say Agosto is being reassigned away from the classroom. His sister swears he's innocent, but is this really the kind of thing you'd share with your family? One of Agosto's students at M.S. 331 tells the News, "He was mad nice, a little too nice. He let us do anything."Mm-hm. Interviewed by NY1, another student expressed shock: "That's just crazy because he teaches health and he taught us not to do that. And he did it."