With city school children returning to classes this past week, reports are that special ed bus drivers have come back from summer in full back to school spirit and are making an effort to spend more time with students—causing them to arrive up to 90 minutes after the school day has begun. The Post talks to principals who call bus drivers their "worst nightmare" and report that just yesterday 70 bus routes arrived late to school. When one Queens father called to complain, he says the school's transportation office told him it would take two weeks to resolve tardiness issues—which is actually one week shorter than it took to fix the same problem for his two sons two years ago. The dad says, "People can't be coming late to work for two weeks. Nobody's being held accountable for what's going on." A DOE spokeswoman said that an abundance of transfer students forces "rejiggering of yellow-bus routes." A recent Department of Education survey showed one in four principals were dissatisfied with their bus service.