A fourth-year nursing student in Brooklyn got one heck of a pop quiz yesterday, helping deliver a healthy baby girl in the back of a Nissan on Flatbush Avenue. The special delivery came around 9:45 a.m. as 24-year-old Crystal Cardona was trying to get to the hospital with her fiancé. Before they could go, though, the little girl inside Cardona apparently decided she was ready to come out right now. Luckily, the woman's neighbor noticed the commotion outside in the nick of time: Aionga Pereira, a nursing student at Long Island University College, grabbed a clean towel from her apartment and ran outside. "She was having a baby in the backseat of a car," Pereira recalled. "I’m really just happy that I did OB (obstetrics) last semester," she later joked to the Post. "But that didn’t take the nervousness away."

Pereira, who is a mother herself, had noticed the growing crowd outside of the parked car. "We thought we had time to go to the hospital, but Crystal said, 'I gotta take my pants off—the baby is coming!,'" the mother of Cardona's fiancé said.

Pereira guided the baby's head and shoulders out before paramedics arrived and took over. Once the healthy baby girl was born, paramedics took her and her parents to Methodist Hospital where they are in stable condition. Pereira, meanwhile, seemed to still be a little stunned by the experience: "It’s safe when you’re in the hospital you feel so comfortable, but when its you, when you are in the backseat of the car and there is no one to back you up, it’s nerve-wracking. I was so happy when the EMS arrived."