Is there room for a soapbox on this sidewalk? The latest complaint box on City Room is filled with street clutter grievances; as we know, newspaper condos and sidewalk dining are shrinking our already crowded sidewalks. The site posts a complaint from Julia F. Willkie, who resides on East 79th Street; she states: "What really upsets and infuriates me is how cluttered the streets, avenues and sidewalks have become. I live on the Upper East Side, west of Third and four blocks from Mayor Bloomberg’s residence. At the intersection of Third and 79th, three corners host 18 'honor boxes.' Between 77th and 79th on Third are an additional 13 boxes." Those pesky publications aren't all that's in the way, though, she also lists off phone booths, street vendors and newspaper stands as her personal public enemy #1. Finally she declares, "Good Heavens! My head tilts back so I can clear my vision, and street banner advertisements, approved by New York City’s tourism officials, are hanging from lampposts." Does Willkie need to move to greener pastures, or are our sidewalks becoming too much of an obstacle course?