How hot has it been here?

All this talk about heat made us wonder, how hot has it actually gotten here really? After all, it looks as if this week is going to have the mercury rising at a steady pace almost topping out at 90. Yay. While the record high for the state was recorded at 110 in Troy, NY, according to the local Upton office (which is located pretty much smack in the middle of Long Island if you were curious), the all time record high temperature recorded in Central Park is 106 on July 9, 1936. As Gothamist Weather Joe reported, the temperature is recorded at Belvedere Castle and has been since 1920. Before that readings were taken at the Arsenal Building on 5th Ave between 63rd & 64th.

While 106 is hot, you gotta figure there was a nice element of "stick" factor on top of that. We've so far only broken 90 once this year which, compared to last year, is slightly less oppressive. In fact, the past few years, the most recent heat record we've broken for June or July was in On July 5-6th, 1999 when the temperature topped out at 101. Gothamist was at summercamp in the Adirondacks, jumping in the lake at the mere mention of those temperatures.

Lucky for us, Bloomberg has put on his shirt and opened the city pools for us to cool off in. May we also recommend a nice cool glass of refreshing lemonade