Huh - it really seems like Senate hopeful Kathleen Troia McFarland has some bad mojo. There was losing the Republican bid to challenge Hillary Clinton this fall, though she's still battling it out with Republican nominee John Spencer for a pimary. There was not having enough campaign money, so she had to dig into her personal savings. There was the revelation that she abandoned her sick brother because he was gay. There was the insane debate beween her and Spencer the other week, a debate that made her accusations seem desperate, even if they were salacious fun. And now, McFarland is suspending campaigning because her 16 year old daughter was caught shoplifting in Southampton. Camilla McFarland stole two bikinis and a pair of jeans from two stores and was arrested for petty theft and possession of stolen items, and KT McFarland said, "My husband, Alan, and I are deeply alarmed by this incident and will be spending every waking hour in the coming days dealing head-on with the repercussions of her actions. Our children are our first priority, and our youngest child needs our full and immediate attention.” The Post calls McFarland "the obviously embarrassed, stay-at-home mom," and the Daily News notes that she's also stumbled after claiming Hillary was spying on her with helicopters and buying a witch's costume with campaign money. Yeah, her house is totally built on top of an Indian burial ground.