Cops were breaking out the heavy machinery again and revving up the chainsaws—it's bike removal time once again on Bedford Avenue. Greenpoint resident Ben Running started shooting video of the cops removing bicycles in another fiery scene on Bedford and North 8th in the heart of Williamsburg. Police make it clear that they don't want him shooting because as Running says, "They don't want you to videotape and put it on the internet." So like any decent citizen journalist, Running did just that.

While Running said that the bikes looked like ones that were currently in use, an officer from the nearby 94th Precinct in Greenpoint told the Post that the bikes removed have been there for at least three months. Officer Cole Pletka said, “From a distance, they might have looked like they were rideable, but the bikes were on top of each and both wheels were bent."

The local community board around Williamsburg has advocated for a “tag and clip” policy, where inactive bicycles would get a sign posted on them warning them that they are in danger of being taken by cops. Running said, “Bikes shouldn’t be removed without some kind of notice.”