Uh oh: As the city endures a sweltering heat wave, after 11:30 p.m. last night, power lines in the Corona section of Queens were sparking and on fire. WCBS 2 reports they were "falling down on parked cars and causing power outages" and "homes were evacuated in the middle of a swelteringly-hot night because of the dangerous fire conditions."

The lines were at 108th Street and 48th Avenue; WABC 7 says, "The fire tore through three square blocks of wires from 45th to 48th avenues and from 104th to 111th streets." Several manhole covers were also blown off. Fire Deputy Chief Mark Ferran said, "We had cars catch on fire, but thank God no one was hurt. We had no extension to any of the buildings, so right now we have all the fires under control."

Con Ed is working on restoring power to the neighborhood—and claims they will be ready for a day when power use records could be shattered (current record is August 2, 2006, 13,141 megawatts). Spokesman Mike Clendenin said, "Our crews are out in the field. They'll be responding to any problems that come up, and we'll respond to them as quickly as possible so a small problem doesn't become bigger." (Like the terrible 2006 Queens blackout?) Two years ago, Con Ed offered an online map showing outages in the city—you can see where outages are right now.