Just to put to rest any fears that the birth of Spa Castle Premier might be threatened by the private interests of loaded puritans, a spokesperson tells us that all systems remain aggressively go, and that the new Manhattan outpost will open in late November or early December, as previously announced.

In terms of Spa Castle Premier 57 and pending litigation, Manhattan Supreme Court today denied the Ritz Tower’s request for a temporary restraining order and set a further hearing for a later date. Under the terms of the easement, Spa Castle Premier 57 is permitted to use the roof, and will vigorously defend against this lawsuit. Regarding the rooftop area in question, full nudity is not permitted outside of the facility’s designated male and female locker rooms and bathing area.

The board of nearby Ritz Towers is attempting to block the spa from opening in the Galleria Building at 115 East 57th Street on the basis that it "violated public morals." As a practicing member of the public, I don't recall agreeing to allow my morals to be codified by a group of rich crybabies who refuse to remove their pressed linen trousers to shower.

Also, what sort of monster goes to the trouble of filing a lawsuit against the presence of (fictional) naked people lounging near a roof top pool? Don't you guys have a servant to fire or something?