The nose gear of a Southwest Airlines flight from Nashville collapsed after it landed at LaGuardia Airport. According to WCBS 2, the Port Authority says it "popped while the plane was taxiing. The gear then buckled, forcing the nose to the tarmac." Most of the airport has been closed.

There were 149 people and six passengers were taken to the hospital (others were treated on the scene of back and neck issues as well as anxiety attacks).

The plane is a Boeing 737 and the nose gear issue happened around 5:45 p.m. NYC Aviation says, "The aircraft, which landed on runway 4, can be seen with its nose gear either collapsed, or not at all lowered. It is still unclear whether the gear collapsed, or never dropped in the first place."

A passenger on a plane that had been on the tarmac told WCBS 880, "That nose gear is completely off the plane and the nose is sitting on the ground. There’s probably four different fire trucks that have been, in the last half hour, spraying some kind of retardant or water to try to put out any potential fire that may have been there." Another told NBC New York, ""My husband noticed it was out of shape, like it wasn't supposed to land that way. He said, 'Oh, my God, I think something's wrong.' The front wheel didn't come out, and it landed on its nose and it started skidding."

A Port Authority spokesperson said, "Passengers need to be prepared for major delays." The NTSB is sending an investigator to inspect the plane.