State Comptroller Alan Hevesi, who managed to be re-elected this past November after an ethics commission found that he violated state law by using state employees to chauffeur his sick wife over the year, is said to be looking to resign shortly as part of a plea agreement. The Albany County DA has been investigating Hevesi's actions, and the possibility of an indictment was in the air; the plea would allow Hevesi to avoid prison time. While the DA's office says no deal is in the works, a Democratic official said that Hevesi made the decision yesterday afternoon, but may not have told Albany County DA David Soares.

This is a long way from Hevesi's earlier, defiant remarks that he would not be removed from office, especially after voters had re-elected him knowing about his transgressions (which he did call a "stupid mistake"). Hevesi's resignation, though, would make things a lot easier for Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer, who rescinded his support of the embattled state comptroller when "Driving Mrs. Hevesi" news broke, and Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver, who supported Hevesi - it's better that Democrats Spitzer and Silver start off the year without an albatross like figuring Hevesi's fate.

Photograph of Hevesi during last an October debate by Keith Bradford/AP