Ruth Madoff, the "betrayed and confused" wife of Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff, may be in the clear—at least according to the Post's sources, "Federal prosecutors decided not to criminally charge Ruth because they lack evidence that she was either aware of or involved in Bernard Madoff's scam -- which swindled thousands of people and charities out of billions of dollars, said two sources familiar with the case." Of course, should they find anything, the feds could go after her, but a source says, "In the deal, she lost everything. She's lost everything she holds dear. She's lost her husband. She has no friends...She's a beaten woman. There's nothing left on the carcass to take." The carcass even has to take the subway! The press is still camped outside the Upper East Side penthouse she will have to give up—the Daily News says, "She jumped out of a cab in the middle of a rainstorm at 6:45 p.m. and sprinted into the lobby, nearly slipping in her haste."