Some Brooklyn residents want local neighborhood kids to STFU, at least on Sundays. According to the Daily News, the playground at P.S. 139 in Ditmas Park has become a battleground. Homeowners in the area say they used to have "Sundays off," but now kids are flocking there 7 days a week (as a part of Bloomberg's Schoolyards to Playgrounds initiative). They now plan to file a lawsuit arguing that the playground has become a public nuisance, and declare that the Mayor would never allow this near his home on 79th Street.

One 61-year-old woman says, "Kids have a right to play. But I have the right to some peace." And her psychiatrist neighbor is saying the lack of peace is a health issue; "There's yelling. There's screaming. It's kids being loud. I have double-thick windows and it's no good. The noise fills the house. It's really harmful. You can't hear your own thoughts. It raises my blood pressure."

When the Beverley Square West neighborhood association asked the city to close the yard on Sundays this week, a group of parents were immediately on the defense. One parent of a 3-year-old says, "the playground is vital to our child's health and happiness." Another says the noise is a "positive noise," adding, "the idea that property owners get to choose what hours a public school is open seems wrong." Yeah, it's not like they're paying taxes or something!