Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor tripped in LaGuardia airport this morning, fracturing her ankle on her way to catch a flight to D.C. But true to form, she didn't let that disadvantage stop her from going out and achieving, keeping her six appointments with senators despite her injury. According to CBS2, she entered the Capitol for a meeting with Republican Sen. Charles E. Grassley on crutches, "wearing a white cast covered at the foot with a black soft bootie." And after her meetings, she still didn't go to the hospital, because she had to swing by the White House! After that, the Bronx-born judge finally went to a local clinic, where X-rays showed a small fracture to her right ankle. On a related note, an article in the Times about Sotomayor's five years as a prosecutor in the Manhattan DA's office sheds some light on her "driven and focused" personality. One former supervisor, speaking about her ability to connect with both lawyers and crime victims, says, "She had a foot in both worlds, and she was comfortable in both of those worlds."